This Glitch

Glitch is something i wrote back last may and I have previously shared on my old blog Morethenapointandshoot. I figured it was fitting to share it here as a way to kick this one off. So here it is


An out of body experience

I can see myself now

Smiling and twitching

Like a robot with a glitch

I do what I’m told

Smile repeat the phrase

Draw a line smile repeat

Here comes my twitch

Wandering back and forth

Maybe they won’t notice

That I’m not quite right

I’ve tried to fix the problem

Turn it off, refuel

But it’s not doing the trick

My hands start to shake

My smile to twitch

Smile check the phrase

Draw a line, smile repeat

Maybe they won’t notice

The cold sweat roles in

And I fall to the ground

But my mouth speaks correctly

Still programmed. I can do this

I am fine, I don’t need any help

But my glitch sets in

And wipes my mind

Time has gone

And they know I’m broken

But somehow they rewire me for now

So my minds still ticks

But I’m scared to go back

Who wants to be with

Someone’s who’s broken

With a unfixable glitch?

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