Goodbye ✌🏻

You always say it’s over

You can’t take it anymore 

I’m a rude person, it’s the last time you will speak to me

And I smile and say sure

Hoping it’s true

So I don’t have to listen to you call me trashy. But then whisper you love me 

I hope it can finally be goodbye 

So you will move on

Find someone who’s just like you

Sweet and kind, but a 

Killer of spirits 

Crusher of dreams 

The closet asshole that no one warns you about 

The worst kind of dream

The one you can’t wake up from

When the sweet girl looses her romance 

Turns truly cynical and mean

Because you don’t notice and don’t bother to care

About the little things 

The stuff that makes her dream

You care to make her giggle 

Or listen to her sing 

So I hope this is goodbye

I hope it is real

So we can both move forward 

And you can know 

The best thing 

You ever did for me was let me down. 

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