Monster Mirror 🌓

I always wonder 

If I’m the only one who see

The monster behind me when I face myself 

In the mirror.

She’s not that scary with the face 

That looks just like mine

But she knows all my secrets 

That I’ve tried to hide

She shows me every flaw.

I can’t make her go away.

Some days I feel like 

This monster pulls my strings 

Sometimes it’s the only reason I make it

Through my day.

Monster I call her

Because she knows my


But maybe she’s not that at all

That face with my secrets 

What I think are flaws

Maybe they are beautiful 

Not monster claws

Maybe I shouldn’t wonder if others can see her

Maybe I should let her out

Because if I’m not afraid of the face

I see every morning 

Then why should anyone else. 

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