One war two storiesĀ 

I met you at a time when I was broken

Sitting in the shadows at my most vounrable moments

Trying to learn how to shield myself from everything around me

All I wanted was to be alone

But there was something about you

The way you approached me

Just as naked and scared as I 

That you did not frighten me

It’s like you could see just how my world had fallen apart 

But you didn’t want to glue it back together for me

You just wanted to see me

Because you understood that dark ugly place

That I had crept into but you didn’t see it as a hole

You saw it as a new place to help me build myself a foundation 

You didn’t care if I didn’t want you with me

You just wanted to help me grow

Because it’s the same place you have fallen into 

That’s why you can see my broken world

And the shields I try to build because you are fighting 

The same battles with different monsters who want the same end

We want the same end but it’s not what they want 

So that’s why somehow we let each other in

Because sometimes it’s okay to be broken 

And alone but together 

Fighting one war in two stories.

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