Spring the start of new life. A new beginning for many

They crave the long days and warmer weather

It brings back all those loving memories of adventures past.

But for me these longer days and that bright sun

Push me off an edge into the deepest spiral 

They all see new life. But I just see myself 

Fading into the shell of a person

I’m a million miles away because my heads no longer connected to my body you see

It’s trapped somewhere else dwelling 

On old memories, ones that should make me smile

But when they come into my mind

It’s like someone’s shot off a cannon 

All those adventures I had, places I called home

They turned to dust with each flower that blooms

If I were to step back to any of those places 

I’d be just as alone. I’m somone with no place to call a home 

So why do so many look forward to this warmth 

When it only brings me down? 

They want bright colors short sleeves, but 

You will find me curling up in dark wool sweaters 

Hoping that no one sees. 

Spring spring spring 

It’s ringing in the air

It’s choking my mind 

I’d like to end

Why can’t winter be here? 

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