The plan 

I always try to tell myself 

Don’t get your hopes up.

Everyone’s the same, they say they can handle 

Your madness this different kind of crazy. 

So you let them in, get to close to quickly.

And like a spring rain they up and disappear.

With out a trace. No way for you to know

What you did wrong. 

Was it something I said? Was it something I did? 

Was that little peak at your madness 

Just to scary for them to jump in? 

But for some reason I always get my hopes up. 

Whenever someone wants to talk

Even if it’s just for a few days

I always imagine maybe this could be it

And I won’t be alone.

But then I blink for a second to long

And they are already gone. 

So I push that hope right back down 

With a big old sip of sadness

One day my heart will listen to my mind

And I’ll finally understand 

That I’m in this world alone

And maybe that’s just always been the plan. 

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