The eleventh hour

I was born in the eleventh hour

Always a little late to the party 

But that’s never seemed to matter. 

I was brought in my first day already black in blue

If coming to life couldn’t kill me

Then what can this world really do 

I’ve always been broken 

I saw this from day one

That’s why I’m kinda backwards 

Because I didn’t get to start on page one

It’s like they thought I could be a cornerstone 

So they shoved me into a place 

But I was made to stand out 

I’m not like every other puzzle piece 

I can’t stay in these party line dances 

Because when everyone’s in the count down 

Going from ten to one 

I’ve already jumped off from that last hour

Trying to see how far I can reach.

Just because I’m kinda clumsy

And life gave me a short stick 

Don’t think I will be held down 

Just because I’ve missed a few cute party tricks. 

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