Honey 🍯 

Your voice was my drug

So sweet like a syrup

When you whispered to me

You made me forget that

Everyone leaves 

You fed it to me slowly

Because you knew

How easily your voice could break me

But still I was drawn in 

Like a bee to a flower.

How could I not see

It’s to good to be true

I should have known 

I’d be cut off

Because drugs never play fair

It never works both ways

Your voice sweet like honey 

When mine cuts like a rusty nail

I should have known 

That I always get addicted to easily 

So here comes the withdrawal

Goodbye sugar sweet

No more honey for me to hear 

I’m letting you go 

So your ears can heal

But I will fade

With the memory 

Of my best yesterday 

Dead Flowers💀 đŸŒș 

When you tell me I’m beautiful 

Remember I’m more then just skin deep

The glint in my eyes shows you

I have fire burning inside.

Talk to me about my passion 

And you will watch me glow

I’ll light up, just like a child

At the firework show.

So be careful with your words

When they are spoken so shallow

Because this beautiful girl is

Passion laced with a little rage

So make sure your not just spraying 

Perfume on dead flowers 

Because if you drown that spark in my eyes

With shallow words

Simple love can

Be the death of another beautiful girl. 


Waiting is the worst 

Watching your life tick by 

When you have so many dreams at your finger tips 

But the rocks in your shoes don’t seem to be getting any smaller 

What can you do when life 

Feels just out of reach

Close your eyes kid

Keep dreaming! 

Teach yourself nothing’s out of reach

You can get there

Because if we let life slip by 

Like sand in an hour glass

We will never live to 

Climb the mountains that

We built from all those 

Rocks we pulled from our shoes

So we could see the eagles fly over

With the sun rises 

Instead of listening to our life tick by 


Do you ever wake up

And not know who you are?

Like that face behind the mirror that

Smiles back at you has always been a lie. 

When the rest of the world sees you 

It’s like everything disappeared. 

You’re not you girl

Just someone stuck 

In a beautiful nightmare 

All the smiles, and all the laughs 

Printed and plastered on to you 

All created from someone else’s 


Do you ever wake up

And feel like you plagiarized

Every wishful moment 

Every sweet thought 

Like lifes been 

More nightmarish 

When the world 

Never noticed 

You completely disappeared. 


That feeling when your falling 

Being lost in that limbo 

Sometimes it feels like months 

Before your feet can touch the ground 

It’s been an amazing nightmare 

With no one by my side 

When my world did the one eighty 

I never thought I’d make it 

But I learned to love that 

Falling feeling

Before my feet found the ground 

I’ve found that limbo 

Isn’t so scary

When you learned 


You are stronger alone. 

Tell me

If you got bored with me 

You’d tell me why? 

You wouldn’t just sit there and watch 

Out world slowly die

Because if only one knows 

Our end is near 

All that beauty in the words we’ve shared 

Would just be lost promises.

Tell me if I’m boring you

I don’t want to dull your mind.

But don’t be afraid if the story 

I’ve told has overwhelmed the ink 

I would never want to watch something 

I’ve learned to love slowly fade away

But to many times over

I’m the one who’s been left to wither 

So please 

If I ever start to bore you

Let’s cut us at our roots.

Tell me the reason

We have to say 

It’s better



I search for magic in the most ordinary things

Because when I close my eyes I have to hope 

There’s a better reason to open them again

If I can turn a firefly into a fairy

And moths into monarchs 

Then my gray skies have the chance 

To hold the rainbow when it spills over. 

Magic can be ordinary too I’ve found it

In late phone calls knowing someone cares

To the glimmer of a new message reminding me

Something’s still there 

To look up behind the gray

I can find glitter in the air.

So just know there’s magic in the simple

It’s beautiful and kind

It’s not always extrodinary 

Sometimes it’s just ordinary 

And that just fine. 

Goodbye âœŒđŸ»

You always say it’s over

You can’t take it anymore 

I’m a rude person, it’s the last time you will speak to me

And I smile and say sure

Hoping it’s true

So I don’t have to listen to you call me trashy. But then whisper you love me 

I hope it can finally be goodbye 

So you will move on

Find someone who’s just like you

Sweet and kind, but a 

Killer of spirits 

Crusher of dreams 

The closet asshole that no one warns you about 

The worst kind of dream

The one you can’t wake up from

When the sweet girl looses her romance 

Turns truly cynical and mean

Because you don’t notice and don’t bother to care

About the little things 

The stuff that makes her dream

You care to make her giggle 

Or listen to her sing 

So I hope this is goodbye

I hope it is real

So we can both move forward 

And you can know 

The best thing 

You ever did for me was let me down. 

Whiskey and triscuts 

Wake up from the three day bender 

Smelling like whiskey and triscuts 

How did you let yourself fall so far

These body aches are not the typical break up pains

Tell yourself to stop

No please not another tequila shot

But down you take it

We can’t drink this pain away

He won’t drown in our minds 

No amount of whiskey and one night stands will wash away

Every word he’s ever said. 

So stand up

Move on

Put that bottle down

And Run

We are better

As Me





If I knew that was the last time you would hold me in your arm

I never would have let you go.

My mind keeps racing to all the little things I could have changed 
So the smile would have kept its crooked little place when you looked at me 

How could I not see when you walked away

That all I’d be left with was that 

Bitter taste of sadness and cold November air

Like a vine stuck on repeat I just watch you walk away from me 

You never looked back and didn’t drag your feet 

One first second you loved me 

The next

I was dust at your feet